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Improve Profits with Paradox's Logistics Planning Tools

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For the past 15 years our suite of logistics planning tools has helped carriers, shippers, 3PLs, and logistics consultants improve their bottom line. It has been instrumental in our customers developing more competitive bid proposals in half the time and generating minimum of 5 to 10% more utilization of their assets. Short learning curve, reflected in new users modeling within two hours of installing the software, minimizes payback period for the tools. Even so, many companies and organizations work out manual "Requests for quotes" and tabulate them internally to their own metrics, simply because it's hard to tell if a broker is working for them, for another client, or trying to meet a quota with a shipping company to maintain a pricing tier. This is starting to change, and the logistic software tools to let this change happen are becoming more wide spread. Evaluate our Free Trial Offer: Trying out Paradox's software requires only filling out a form on our web site by clicking on the button below. We will even setup demonstration of the tools with your data. Call 855-472-7236 ext.2 for help with getting started

 Continuous Move Planning 

• Match historic shipping lanes for continuous move opportunities. 
• Match truckloads with tactical constraints. 
• Combine back hauls with outbound loads. 
• Schedule trucks and drivers. 
• Interface with MapPoint or PC*MILER. 
Truck and Driver Scheduling 
• Optimize required drivers and trucks. 
• View/modify schedules on Gantt charts. 
• Schedule local and over-the-road drivers independently. 
• Use with other routing tools. 
Routing and Scheduling 
• Locate facilities and assign demand. 
• Route closed loop and one-way (LTL to TL consolidation). 
• Estimate trucks and drivers. 
• Model multiple depots, truck types, and product types. 
• Benchmark and run "what if" analysis. The overhead costs of many large organizations are associated with moving inventory and logistical needs. Product and supply,components for products, even office achinery or documents, need to be moved from one location to another, and this takes time

t is important to hire the services of a logistic consultant if you own a business where you need to store or move your products. The logistic consultant can give you advice on all the steps required in coordinating your supply chain- whether it is warehouse management or handling of your products. To efficiently manage your supply chain, the consultant will tell you the best way to coordinate your business processes. In this way, you can achieve cost effective storage and movement of goods from producer to consumer. This could involve the areas of transportation consulting , stock control and warehousing.

 Logistics Software can provide expert company not just on functionality but on procedure style solutions and organization modeling as well.To know the best routing and scheduling for your product is another tough job when choosing freight shipping carriers.

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