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What to Expect in Upcoming Ruby on Rails 4.0?

Since its release, Ruby on Rails has always been the hot favorite of web developers because of its efficiency and excellent in-built features. This full-stack open source web application framework has seen many upgrades and versions in nearly five years.

While Ruby on Rails 4.0 release is on cards, it has already set soaring high expectations among its loyal users. Previously, the tentative date of release for this version was summer 2012 but due to some reasons it was postponed to an unknown date. However, David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of RoR, has already made an announcement about a new feature called ‘Turbolinks’ on Twitter.

The mobile website of Basecamp is already making use of this feature but it will be included as a default-on in RoR 4.0. Turbolinks uses pushState loading the complete website from the server instead of just replacing a few parts of the page. Although the development of Turbolinks is in initial stages but as said earlier it will be an important inclusion in RoR 4.0. Users will have to download and add turbolinks gem to their application to make use of it.

The new release date has not been finalized yet but day by day, it’s becoming clearer what exactly RoR 4.0 will include. Some of the features that are said to be expected include

  • Strong parameters
  • Ruby 1.9.3
  • Caching improvement
  • Queue API

These are major features to be included in RoR 4.0. The latest version will only support Ruby 1.9.3 or higher while dropping the support for all previous versions. Businesses planning to deploy the innovative RoR 4.0 must upgrade their websites as soon as possible. First of all, Gemfile needs to be updated. Before switching to the to-be released version, it is required to first migrate to RoR 3.2 to do the test coverage. This ensures that your application would run in the desired manner even in RoR 4.0.

Strong parameters offer a new approach to filter the necessary parameters and make use of only the required ones. This feature can also be used in Ruby on Rails 3.2.8 version with a plug in. For being able to deploy RoR development, you should have the ‘rails’ rubygem installed in the system. The Gemfile is used to determine the gems that are required to start the application.

As far as documentation is concerned, the guides are rewritten in GitHub flavored markdown and have a responsive design. The new Ruby on Rails release is all set to denounce old and outdated features while on the other hand it will make the development process smoother and more sophisticated. Complexity at the earlier stages may creep in at times but it is believed that the latest version of Ruby on Rails is going to offer a lot of innovative features to developers.

Kuntal Mehta (KJ) is the managing partner of Seashore Partners, a web development, e-commerce solution and SEO company headquartered in New Jersey, United States. In this article, he gives a brief outline of the features that most probably will be included in the latest version of Ruby on Rails 4.0.  


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