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Car Repair 101: Identifying If Your Chrysler ECU is Faulty

by andrebrennan

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The engine control unit or ECU is a crucial part of your Chrysler's onboard computer. Managing many systems and subsystems, not just in your car's engine, but as well as in its drivetrain and some other major parts is the responsibility of the ECU. Given that it deals with many things around your car, a malfunctioning Chrysler ECU can result in many unwanted and frustrating problems.

Since it's linked to many systems in your auto, it's normally tough to tell if the ECU has an issue or if that particular system is really defective. The only sure-fire way to make certain if your car's engine control unit has gone berserk or not is to have it inspected and diagnosed by qualified technicians. There are, nonetheless, some telltale signs that can indicate a defective ECU.

The "Check Engine" Light is On

If your car's "check engine" light is always on, there is a possibility that your vehicle's ECU is becoming defective or has been damaged. Although there are many reasons for the "check engine" light to remain on, in many situations, the ECU is the cause. As soon as you see that your "check engine" light is on, it's recommended for you to take your auto in for service and have your ECU checked.

The Car Will not Start

If your Chrysler won't start, it may be a hint that your ECU has a problem. Inspect your automobile's battery, starter, and some other electrical components. If all of these components appear to be in good condition, a damaged ECU is the next thing to consider.

Other Indications

As previously mentioned, an ECU controls many car functions. Normally, if your ECU is damaged, your vehicle will not function how you intend it to. Poor performance, low engine power and unexplained drops in fuel efficiency are only a few of the various car troubles that can point to a defective engine control unit.

A damaged ECU can also bring about issues when shifting gears, especially for autos with automatic transmission. A defective Chrysler ECU can bring on sudden jerking or stopping, similar to common transmission troubles. If you encounter this despite the fact that your car's transmission is kept properly, then a damaged ECU is the most probable reason. To know more, go to

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