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Life's Little Challenges: The Usual Toronto Drain Problems

by altheatumlin

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Blocked drains can significantly affect your daily household activities. With a problematic drain system, homeowners won't be able to use their showers, tubs, sinks, and toilets properly, impairing their everyday affairs. For this reason, it is necessary for any responsible Toronto homeowner to be knowledgeable about the usual drain issues that a drain service in Toronto could repair.

A Corroded Pipe

Just like other household things, pipes wear out over time. However, if the water passing through the pipelines has chemicals, they can cause the pipes to wear down at a much faster rate, which leads to corrosion. Along with chemicals, having pipes of poor quality is also a factor that increases the chances of pipe corrosion.

A Broken Pipe

Broken pipes are one of the most common drain problems that Toronto home owners have to manage. There are many factors that can bring about damaged pipes. For example, applying excessive force on the pipe, whether deliberately or inadvertently, could compromise its integrity and cause it to crack or break. For drainpipes placed underground, the tectonic plates of the Earth could also be a factor that could trigger pipe damage.

Roots Blocking the Pipes

Plant and tree roots grow in the very best underground conditions, despite what can be discovered underground. Tree roots are often one of the typical reasons of drain problems for many Toronto houses. Roots can either slip inside the drainpipes causing them to clog; it could also coil around the pipes, causing them to break.

A Wet Basement

Because basements are constructed into the ground, they are a lot more open to ground water seepage from either heavy downpour or faulty drainpipes. Your home might be suffering from a wet basement even if it isn't really exactly soaking wet. Common symptoms of a wet basement in Toronto includes water spots on the walls and flooring, mold and mildew growth, efflorescence (white or grayish ash on the walls) and wall flaking.

Blocked Drains

The most usual and probably most irritating drain problem would be clogs. They could be caused by items coming into the drainage such as jewelry, coins or tooth paste caps, dirt and lint buildup, or a mixture of both. Fixing blocked drains could be as easy as using unclogging solutions and plungers or as complicated as replacing the pipes. To learn more on solving various home problems, log on to

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