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Pedicure Spa and Pedicure Chair- What Are They All About?

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Pedicure is considered an effective method of therapy, which helps improve the feet and toenails.  Pedicure helps to ­protect the ­­­­­­feet from getting any type of nail disorders or nail infection. One of the most effective methods of pedicure includes warm aromatherapy. It is in the process of aromatherapy that your feet are washed in water and this helps in soothing your skin beneath the feet. The nails are trimmed in shape. The use of exfoliation scrub helps remove the skin. Nonetheless the warm paraffin water is used to invigorate the skin.  Now with the development of technology, the world of spa has also changed to some extent.

At present, there are different kinds of spa pedicure chairs can be used for your feet. A pedicure chair is mainly employed for massage and relaxation for your feet. Some of the common materials used for pedicure chair include polyurethane leather and also solid wood. Pedicure chairs are also available in different colors like purple, red, yellow, black, gray etc.

A spa pedicure chair can be moved front and back with ease. Most spa pedicure chairs can provide massages like vibration, kneading, tapping, and even tour pinching massage. A shelf can easily be placed close to the armrest of the pedicure chair. It also includes remote control with the liquid crystal display screen.  

There are electronic pedicure spa chairs as well. The main material used to develop the electric foot spa chair is acrylic. The main characteristics for this spa pedicure includes air bottom that controls the power of the pipe less jet. It even includes cold and hot water valve with water discharging facility.

Electric pedicure chairs are also assisted by light emitting diode lamps which can be changed into different colors automatically. An electric pedicure chair includes spout for the water inlet and even sprayer head for the cleaning. Electric pedicure chairs includes different features like neck massage and kneading rollers. For back and waist massage, there are additional rollers with comfortable backrest which can be adjusted with the help of electricity.

Following next is the fiberglass pedicure chair. Such chairs come with dispenser valve and sprayer head. They have the cold and hot water spout and also a foot rest which can be lifted up as well as go down up to the two levels. The fiberglass pedicure chairs have LED lamps that can be changed into 7 varieties of colors. They also include water discharging system. The chair comes equipped with 5 motor controls as well as four driver wheels including a massaging system. There is a vibrating massaging seat with remote control and LCD screen.

Last but not the least, whether you’re looking for pedicure chair or pedicure bench, make sure you check out all the different features to ensure it has everything that you want.

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