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How Electronic Cigarettes work?

by maemullen

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Looks like the conventional cigars, pipes or primarily cigarettes; electronic cigarettes on the other hand resemble USB memory sticks and pens. When talking about their make-up; these rather unconventional smoking alternative or more precisely smoking cessation aid are manufactured to provide chemicals, flavors and nicotine. This increasingly addictive battery operated product turns the chemicals into vapor for the user.

A Chinese pharmacist; Hon Lik is given the credit of this modern day invention. However long before him, the idea of electronic cigarettes was given by Herbet A.Gilbert. His concept could gain commercialisation though several companies approached him for manufacturing purposes. This device first reached Chinese domestic market in 2004 as a replacement to conventional cigarettes and ultimately hit the global platform in 2005-2006.

How Electronic Cigarettes work?

Electronic Cigarettes vaporises a solution with the use of ultrasound or heat. A cartridge contains this solution or it gets dripped into the device. Heating turns it into a mist looking like smoke when exhaled. Though working in a similar way as that of a conventional cigarette, another interesting fact is that there are several of them available with glowing tips which lights up when the user inhales it.

Merits & Demerits

Smokers find Electronic Cigarettes quite satisfactory since it tastes exactly like a traditional one leaving behind no odors. This benefits them to easily gain access to even those areas where cigarettes are completely banned. Those interested to quit smoking prefer using this as a temporary solution regardless of the risks associated which nonetheless is relatively less than traditional smoking. Health authorities have differing opinions which cannot confidently be supported with controlled studies.

Those not in favors of these cigarettes strongly believe that they carry high health risks and are very likely to attract non-smokers and children thereby the adverse impact. Safety claims are even thought to be exaggerated. This is because the safety element has not been extensively studied and is still open to thorough research.

September 2008 led flavored electronic cigarettes to be banned by Food and Drug Administration with the premise of this serving as a gateway for non-smokers and specially children. This however could not rule out the importation from China and the manufacturers continued to market this to smokers instead of those planning to quit smoking.

Public safety concerns are still there, however several smokers have come up to aid the research and studies promoting the benefits reducing morbidity and mortality with reference to smoking. Former smokers do regard Electronic Cigarettes in this particular way.

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