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The Process of Crusher Operation

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Hongxing machinery has specialized institutes, they not only have an important position in scientific research, but also the leader in the development, which can offer more convenient service for customers before and after purchase device. Based on years of experience , Hongxing experts provide you with comprehensive crusher knowledge, we hope that it will provide you more help you in the process of trying device. Jaw Crusher operation:
1. No-load test
  (1) The jaw crusher continuous operation keeps 2 hours, bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30 degrees centigrade.
  (2) All fasteners of Jaw Crusher should be strong, no loose phenomenon.
  (3) Flywheel and slot wheels operate smoothly.
  (4) All friction parts of jaw crusher should have no abrasions, shavings and grinding, and no abnormal noises.
  (5) Adjustment device of discharge gate should be able to ensure the adjustment range of discharge gate.
2. Test with load
  (1) Crusher shall have no cycles or significant impact, impact sound.
  (2) Maximum feeding granularity should comply with the design requirements.
  (3) Continuous operation 8h, bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30 degrees centigrade.
  (4) Crusher's processing capabilities and product particle size should comply with the design requirements.
  (5) Adjust seat and rack ears have no clear Hunt.
3. The preparation work before using
  (1) Carefully check the thrust plate connection whether there is sufficient grease.
  (2) Carefully check that all fasteners are tight.
  (3) Carefully check that the belt is good. If when there is insecurity, it should be replaced in a timely manner, when there is oil on the v-belt or pulleys, you should wipe the oil with rag.
  (4) Check that the guard is good. When insecurity is found, should be excluded.
  (5) Check if there is ore or debris in crushing cavity. When there are ore or debris, you must clean the cavity to ensure the normal start of crusher.
  (6) Check that the bolt is returned, gasket set is pressed, t-bolts are tightened.

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