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Why buying a family health insurance plan

by wooledge

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It is good to see that individuals have started following the old saying ‘health is wealth’. People not only take care to have a proper diet and an exercise regime, but in order to care well for their family, they even invest in a family health insurance plan. A medical emergency can easily drain you of your resources and put you in a financial crisis. With a medical insurance you can easily handle a crisis situation like this and your savings remain intact.

There are several benefits attached to a family health insurance plan. Some of them are as follows –

Cover for all –

A family health insurance plan extends to cover not just you but your spouse, children and dependent parents. The policy can be renewed up to the age of 70 years in most cases. Some plans are advanced enough to include other legal dependent members as well. This ensures you have one sorted plan to handle all the medical insurance requirements for your family.

Affordable –

Often, individuals juggle between the thought either buying an individual policy for every member of the family or opt for a family floater plan. In such cases it is sensible for the individuals to invest in a family floater plan. A family health insurance plan offers a sum assured amount that is shared amongst all the members covered by the policy. So if the sum assured chosen by you is Rs.5 Lakhs then every member of the family covered by the plan is entitled to use the entire amount. In this way every member in the family gets the benefit of optimum cover under a single plan.

Cashless facility –

A cashless medical insurance for family ensures you can effectively meet crisis situations. Mostly a medical emergency tears you between attending to the patient and arranging for the required amount. With a cashless medical insurance for family, you don’t have to bother about the payments. They are directly taken care of by the insurance company. This also saves you the hassle of going through the claim settlement process.

Complete coverage –

The coverage offered by a medical policy is very important to check and a family health insurance plan offers you cover for various medical expenses. Some of the cases include cover for pre and post hospitalization, room rent, surgery, cost of physician, day care procedures etc. Some policies also offer to cover the cost of non-hospitalization expenses like cover for cost of travelling, fees of patient’s attender, diet of the patient etc

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