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Independent Innovation is the Soul and Motivation of Enterpr

by dreamwangping19

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1. Third-rate companies sell products, second-rate companies sell brands, and first-class enterprises sell culture. Culture is a kind of quality of human, as an enterprise, culture is the soul of the enterprise, and is the guarantee of enterprise, if he want to be bigger and stronger. Imagine that, china has many enterprises and many people, why do some companies can play strong, it's not enterprise’s strength, but the company culture goes into the hearts of enterprise employee, from the heart, they feel that working in the company is a proud!
2. With the development of economic globalization, competition among manufacturers is becoming more intense, only to seize the area in independent innovation of manufacturer, manufactures can obtain greater economic benefits. Former Vice Minister of China's Ministry of machinery industry Lu yansun once said that, core backbone enterprise of mechanical industry equipment manufacturing industry, only the level of equipment, detection means and capability of independent innovation all reached the leading level in the same industry, it may become one of the core competitiveness of enterprises worldwide.
3. In recent years, Hongxing mining machinery has been committed to innovation, and has developed a series of crushing equipment and ball mill equipment with energy-savin and environmental protection. Sales last year accounted for a very large share in the industry. The reasons for these are that Hongxing mechanical attaches great importance to independent innovation, and has been committed to independent research and development, which leads the industry's development. It is the leading industry that some building contractors and highway contractors to choose. Indeed, it makes a series of contributions to the development of the machinery industry.
4. Stick to the road of independent innovation, people can get colorful life, while it also leads the striding development of the machinery industry, Hongxing mining machinery has been far more confident, and makes contribution to the State, society, and the people. Therefore, under the future competition mode, adhering to independent innovation promotes going farther in various fields.

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