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Not a Dumpster: LA Document Shredding Bins and Consoles

by rubybadcoe

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People who have been throwing highly sensitive shredded documents in the dumpster will love the shredding bin. It’s basically a plastic garbage can on wheels but built for the purpose of keeping shredded files secure until they can be managed. A number of Los Angeles document shredding companies carry secure shredding bins for shredding jobs.

Many Americans tend to simply toss the remains of their files in the dumpster—not exactly an ideal resting place for your bank statements or SSN. Over time, authorities have constantly warned the public not to throw shredded sensitive files in the trash where it can be picked up even by a stray cat. If you are one of these people, you might benefit from one of Los Angeles document shredding services that can take care of confidential personal or business documents you no longer have the need to keep.

A simple padlock keeps the shredded items secure until they can be brought back to the facility for processing. Most shredding bins can hold up to 64 gallons or around 210 lbs of paper, equal to seven normal-size boxes of documents. Given that the shredded items need security, these bins are also built with physical resilience in mind.

And what do you do with the shredded items while waiting for the Los Angeles document shredding man to arrive? You can store the shredded items in a console, which is like a small safe. Shredded paper is inserted in a small hole on top of the console, which falls into a nylon bag inside the console, and accessed only by a key.

Once the shredding service arrives, the nylon bag is taken out of the console and is transported to the waiting truck. Not even the shredder can see what was shredded until the items are put in place for document destruction. While they look simple in plain sight, you can’t deny the level of security required to safeguard highly confidential personal or business information. As long as it’s not a dumpster in the middle of the city, shredding bins and consoles are the way to go.

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