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Involved in a Negligence or Intentional Tort Case?

by raleighcrowl

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Vancouver personal injury cases normally stem from workplace injuries, car accidents, and other kinds of injuries that a person sustains due to the actions of another person or entity. People who were involved in mishaps which they think was someone else’s fault can sue for legal damages in court. Personal injury cases are organized into two broad categories—negligence cases and intentional torts.

Negligence Cases
Cases of negligence usually arise when it is established that there was no intent to bring about damage when the injury-causing incident happened. These cases are commonly caused by people who are careless with respect to other individuals's safety. Contacting a good a great personal injury lawyer in Vancouver is a given immediately after the accident happens.

In a negligence case, the injured party has to show that the defendant was not able to implement the necessary care, and this negligence is what caused the mishap. Vehicular accidents typically fall under this classification. Other common negligence cases include medical malpractice and accidents due to incorrect design and maintenance of a property.

Intentional torts
Intentional torts arise when the third party intended to commit the wrongful act that resulted in the injury of the complainant. An example of an intentional tort is when recreational facilities do not apply safety measures to keep their members free of injuries. Molestation by teachers within school property can also be looked at as an intentional tort case for the educator. But if the school wasn't able to assess the teacher correctly to prevent such an occurrence from occurring, the school may be charged with negligence as well.

Assault and battery is a common intentional tort. Defamation of character is an additional instance of this. These cases might involve several consequences for one act, or there might be more than the usual parties embroiled in the debacle. Apart from these possible difficulties, intentional torts can get even tougher because insurance companies do not cover what they define as intentional wrongful acts.

In such scenarios, you need to have your case evaluated thoroughly by a trusted personal injury lawyer in Vancouver. A lawyer from the eighth biggest Canadian city will certainly help you understand the situation fully and direct you through the details of personal injury cases. You can learn about various types of damages for a personal injury case from

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