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There are many types of bathroom cleaning tools

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House cleaning is the main task. Every one aims at making their home germs and stains free. You can still clean the house easily, but cleaning bathroom takes more time as it is repulsive to clean it. You can however, maintain its sanitation by using some bathroom cleaning tools, which make your bathroom look clean and fresh. These are easy to use and maintain.  

There are many types of cleaning tools like toilet brushes, microfiber cloth, spray bottles, toilet window cleaners, toilet cleaners and many more. All these tools are effective to give your bathroom a new look. Toilet brush is essential to clean the bathroom and toilet properly and to make it germ free. Toilet should be cleaned regularly; else it may lead to unhealthy conditions. Bathrooms contain many kinds of bacteria, so use a good toilet brush with a cleaner to clean it. Choose the good toilet brush which can clean the corners of the toilet.

These days many brushes are coming with holders, so keep them in the holder to prevent the mess on the bathroom floor. Always keep one brush in one bathroom for quick cleaning.

Microfiber cloths are also used for cleaning the bathrooms. These are the best to clean the mirror surfaces in the bathroom and also the bathroom doors, shower doors and tiles. Take two microfiber cloths when you go for bathroom cleaning, one for the cleaning mirrors and another one for cleaning toilet counter tops. These cloths can remove all the germs and stains from the bathroom and gives it a shiny look.

Always carry spray bottles whenever you are cleaning bathrooms. In these spray bottles you can add water, liquid soap or bathroom cleaner or other cleaning liquids. Use the bigger spray bottles to finish the entire cleaning at once. You can spray these liquids on mirror surfaces, tiles, doors and toilet counters before cleaning it. Keep them handy while cleaning the bathroom as you may require them at any time.

Once you clean the bathroom use some detergents and leave it for some time. Bleach is an effective cleaner for bathroom to remove all the stains, bacteria and germs. So, use it on the floor before cleaning it. Whenever you are using chemicals in your bathroom open the windows for ventilation. Pour lots of water while cleaning the bathroom and add some air fresheners to get rid of the chemical smell. With all these bathrooms cleaning tools and by using them in a proper way, you can sanitize your bathroom and give it a new look and feel.

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