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Using disposable gloves

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When talking or even thinking about any safety products, you should have in mind that one of the most widely used products are indeed the disposable gloves, whether they are nitrile hygiene gloves, vinyl hygiene gloves or latex ones. In order to satisfy the consumer, there were made a large range of gloves from different material, with type and brand so that they could meet every customer’s application or need. The majority of them, as you might already know, are the medical grade gloves that should in all cases meet the quality standards.

Things to consider

Before buying yourself the first latex gloves you find at the market for the cheapest price, make sure that you get familiar with all of the qualities of the gloves – and their characteristics, like amount of protection and materials. It is important for you because this way you will be able to avoid either an allergy, caused by an unsuitable material, or a wrong choice just because you didn’t consider what amount of protection you would need.

Some companies really do respect the client’s choice and have enabled him to try some free samples, but if you like purchase a product from an agency that does not, then don’t risk buying products that you are not familiar with.

Types to choose among of and their benefits

There are three main types of gloves you should choose among and each of them has its own benefits but before that make sure you have no allergy to the certain material you are looking for. The first type of gloves are the

  • Nitrile gloves – Because they are suitable for a great and wide range of work areas and could give just what you need, the nitrile hygiene gloves are growing more and more popular among the customers. They are made from synthetic latex that is extremely resistant to different kinds of chemicals and oils, in fact much more than the other types of gloves. They also much more comfortable because they has less pressure on the hand and they are as well cheaper and least but not last they do not contain rubber latex, which makes them suitable for people with latex allergies.
  • Vinyl gloves–These kinds of gloves are the cheapest ones and it is said that they are most suitable and for usage in food industry or other services that don’t require precision or high-risk protection, because vinyl hygiene gloves lack dexterity and they tear more easily. They are also perfect for people who work in children’s nurseries and care homes and even different medical applications; and they are completely latex free which makes them perfect for people with allergies.
  • Latex gloves – If you are searching for gloves that have a closed and comfortable fit around your hand, then latex gloves are the perfect choice for you. Thus, they could provide a great dexterity of the fingers and good protection, which makes them the most trustworthy gloves you could ever choose. The main problem, however, is that they are the most likely to cause an allergic reaction as well.

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