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The Importance of SWAT Gear

by anonymous

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When you thinking of SWAT gear you probably think of a SWAT team dressed all in black running in to surround a bank that is being robbed or to surround a building where people are being held hostage. You also think of men looking cool having all sorts of gadgets and devices to help them be better at their jobs. You may think of sniper rifles, M16’s and semi-automatics but sometimes there is the other not so prestigious stuff that may not catch your eye especially if you are not too much into all this tactical stuff in the first place. But SWAT gear doesn’t only have to be for those Special Forces that come in when the regular police force cannot as regular policemen and women do use this type of gear.


There are some gear items that are suitable for regular daily use by policemen and women. They include holsters, pants, bags, shoes, outerwear items, flashlights, knives, weapon cases and much more. Some of the less obvious things would probably be the pants and clothing items but most people think of weapons and weapon accessories when they think of Swat teams and gear. There is in truth and in fact a lot of items labeled as “tactical” or “swat” items that may not be necessary but just because of the way they are labeled people purchase them anyway as well as the features that the manufacturers describe as being those that increase your maneuverability etc. You can find everything down to tactical underwear for men that are labeled under gear and these things do have good customer reviews so that means that people are purchasing them.


 Whatever these are and however trivial they may seem, they all do serve their purpose. Swat personnel operate in circumstances where special expertise is required. They need to be at their most comfortable to function properly and it is these gear and clothing items that allow them to be comfortable enough to do their jobs. Sometimes they have to be in tight spaces which are especially true of shooters who have to go where they can get the best shot. Some items serve to shield and protect them such as bullet proof body armor, night vision optics, and ballistic shields. They also have to travel with a number of different types of gear and often times on their person such as entry tools to open doors which are locked where access is needed. They also carry crowd control items such as tear gas and other items. They sometimes travel in armored military vehicles which are themselves considered to be SWAT gear and the list goes on.


 Most of the items that are in this category can be found online for sale. There are some items which cannot be legally sold online but for those that can be legally sold you can find them readily. One website you can find these items on is Range Master Tactical Gear. They have a wide variety of tactical gearand accessories available to the general public.



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