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E Cigarette: The Smoking Future Is Here

by dnieva

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For a smoking addict, quitting what has been termed as the cancer stick is one of the hardest things to do. In most cases, a smoker quits for about one week but then find him or herself back in the same spot all over again. Smoking is a habit that stimulates you through nicotine found in the organic matter which is tobacco. The risks that come with tobacco smoking are beyond reprimand. The likes of cancer and a host of other health issues plague an addict over time. However, there now is a lasting and healthier solution to your nicotine needs. The E cigarette is that solution; created with the user in mind, this cigarettes offer you a chance to enjoy your nicotine needs while cutting down on the chances of you having frail health from the effects of tobacco smoking.

This option is an electrical solution of your nicotine fix. It relies on a device that burns up a special liquid, propylene glycol, to create a nicotine enriched gas which is inhaled. Created in the same shape and size as a standard cigarette, the E cigarette can be mistaken for the organic type. There are plenty of differences, but the most outstanding one is the way they are smoked. While a tobacco cigarette is lit and extinguishes once burned up, the e-cig relies on technological mechanisms to offer you what you look for. In order for an E-cig to work, there are three major components that are incorporated in to it. These are:

  • The battery pack which is the largest component part of the E cigarette is what powers the device. About the same size as the tobacco filled part of the standard cigarette, the battery housing contains several other things. These are a sensor, an LED light and other circuitry.
  • The atomizer is the heating part of the cigarette. It is here, the propylene glycol liquid gets heated up transforming into a nicotine vapour.
  • The cartomiser or cartridge is the mouthpiece part and houses a reservouir which holds the liquid. It also has a small hole that releases the vapour into the mouth of the smoker.

How it works

When you inhale, the sensor in the battery pack senses the drag and activates the device. The atomizer then draws in a bit of the liquid and heats it up. Once heated, the liquid transforms into a gas that then travels back through the cartomiser and into your mouth. While all this happens, the little LED glows just like real cigarettes do. Welcome the future of smokeless smoking; the E cigarette has no smell or smoke, what is released is a vapour that disintegrates within a matter of seconds.  

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