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Keep your cycle safe with bicycle cable locks

by anonymous

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Bicycle is pollution free vehicle. No petrol no diesel and very easy to carry wherever you go. It is good workout to keep you fit and healthy. People of all age groups prefer cycle for journeys.  It is cheaper than other modes of transport and is simple to maintain. However, one consideration that should be kept in mind is that the cycles are light in weight and anyone can steal them. So, be careful when you park the cycle. Make sure that you park and lock your cycle only in parking places like garage, college campus, residence hall and apartment’s parking lot.

Along with this, you can also keep your cycles safe, by locking them by proper bicycle cable locks. There are multiple types of locks accessible in market with several materials and rods such as U lock, chain lock, cable lock and more. U locks are made with steel rod and provide security to your cycles. Chain locks are made with the combination of steel and iron. However, chain locks and U locks are easy to hack with the help of bolt cutters. And, as compared to all, cable locks are most popular and comfortable using. The cable locks provide more security as compared to all other locks.

Generally the cable for these locks is prepared from the strands of thin wire, and they add a lock at one end. The cable locks can be wrapped around a bicycle frame to protect it from the thievery.  Cable locks are made with steel jacked cable to maintain the good quality. It has multiple features like they are self coiled and are made with rust free brass material. Wondering what to do if you lock the cycle, but lose the key? No need to worry this cable lock is provided with three spare keys. These bicycle cable locks are easy to carry and use. Always avoid using normal bicycle locks as it leads to thieving. Also, verify whether video cameras are present in the parking lot or not. We should always take care when we park the cycle.

Some people do not bother to lock their cycles and go for a couple of hours, but remember, the professional thief takes just a minute to steal the cycle. So make sure that you lock your bicycle all the time, when it is parked. In fact, make it a habit so you will never fail to lock it. Always keep in mind that it just takes a few minutes to lock the cycle, so wherever you park the cycle, lock it and protect it from being stolen.

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