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All Dolled Up: Collecting and Prettifying 18 Inch Dolls

by chrisjeffery

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One very serious business is toy collecting, believe it or not. What other people see as a childish hobby, toy collectors view as a successful trade. Toy sales in the US in the previous year reached a whopping $ 21.18 billion, and it's definitely not mere child's play at this point. This doesn't even account for the vintage toy market—the world's most costly doll house, for example, is a rare, handmade 1922 specimen which sold for a neat $ 256,500 in an auction.

The industry for doll collecting, normally reserved only for girls, is astonishingly substantial, and has a large following among adult enthusiasts as well. Beautiful 18-inch dolls are the most well-liked kind because of their size and the number of accessories offered for them. The demand for these dollies continues to expand, as their designs and value continues to increase as time passes.

The most prominent and quintessential 18-inch doll is the American Girl line. Initially produced around 1986 by Pleasant Company, the line initially sold dolls themed after a particular era in American history. Presently, American Girl's lines feature more modern designs, including modern looks and outfits into their "My American Girl" line.

American Girl isn't the only manufacturer known for its 18-inch dollies. Other producers such as Our Generation, the Journey Girls, and Madame Alexander even enjoy appeal among little girls and the girls-at-heart. And given that they all come in the very same 18-inch scale, many garments and accessories from one business may be used on another business's doll.

This mixing and matching trend can be considered as a representation of real-life fashion trends. This phenomenon is so extremely trendy, that many third party companies have started to make their own supplementary items in the form of tailor-made doll clothing and accessories. Such embellishments are available on the internet, and are typically made to order to wonderfully fit the client's doll.

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing," stated George Bernard Shaw. Possessed of the same spirit, girls and ladies who play with dollies have raised it to the point that it has actually become an extension of their fashion and their life. And it's serious business indeed. A guide on 18-inch dolls can be checked out at: 18inchdolls. org.

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