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ASA SpA LNG Export and Import Markets, 2000 to 2015

by prbharatbook

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Report Description

"ASA SpA LNG Export and Import Markets, 2000 to 2015- Profile and Analysis and Forecasts of Terminal wise Capacity and Associated Contracts" is a complete report on ASA SpA's histroic and forecasted LNG operations and the profile of the company from LNGReports. The report provides complete details of LNG export and import terminals owned by the company, their LNG contracts and trade movements. The report also provides in depth information on all existing and planned terminals of ASA SpA. Each LNG terminal is detailed across its entire value chain and is designed to meet all your LNG requirements in one place. In addition, ASA SpA's financial and operational data is provided. Key contact information and employs information along wih historical events are provided. Also, all the related news pertaining to the company's LNG operations are analyzed. ASA SpA business structure and operations across oil and gas value chain are also briefed. Any additional information requested by the purchaser will be given along with the report.

Introduction to LNG
Importance of LNG today
LNG Pricing by region
LNG trading-long term/ short term
Company Profile
Corporate Information
Financial Information
Company Oil and gas operations
Contact information
Company outlook to 2015
Company benchmarking by capacity, 2000- 2015
LNG Terminal details
Start Year
Liquefaction/ Regasification Capacity, 2000- 2015
Number of Processing trains, 2000- 2015
Storage Capacity, 2000- 2015
Number of Storage Tanks, 2000- 2015
Operator and shareholder information
Constructing Company
Capital Investment
Related Infrastructure
Source Field Information
LNG Carrier Information
Latest news across the LNG Industry Business Report

Reasons To Purchase
• Get a clear understanding of the company’s corporate and financial information.
• Identify the company’s upstream, midstream and downstream operations in oil and gas value chain
• Gain insights into each LNG terminal owned by the company along its entire LNG value chain
• Formulate your strategies based on the company’s strategies and its LNG operations provided
• Identify potential markets in which the company is investing through the planned terminals owned by the company
• Quantify the future opportunities in LNG industry by understanding the company’s complete LNG operations
• Quantitatively evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of investing in the company and its LNG assets
• Gain a non- technical insight into the LNG industry, pricing formulae and trade movements

Table of Contents :

1 Table of Contents
1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures
2 Introduction
2.1 Introduction to LNG
2.2 Increasing Importance of LNG Across the World
2.3 LNG Versus Pipeline Transport
2.4 LNG Prices- How is LNG Priced?
2.4.1 LNG pricing in Asia-Pacific
2.4.2 LNG pricing in Europe
2.4.3 LNG pricing in United States
2.5 LNG Trading- Long Term and Short Term Contracts
3 ASA SpA Company Profile
4 ASA SpA Corporate and Financial Information
5 ASA SpA Oil and gas Operations
6 ASA SpA Contact Information
7 Top Level Analysis of ASA SpA . LNG Export Import Markets
7.1 ASA SpA LNG Snapshot, 2009
7.2 Analysis of ASA SpA LNG Operations
7.3 ASA SpA LNG Operations- Company Benchmarking
7.4 ASA SpA LNG Operations- LNG Capacity by Country
8 ASA SpA LNG Export and Import Terminals Map
9 ASA SpA LNG Operations in Italy
9.1 Analysis of Livorno Offshore Terminal
9.1.1 Terminal Information
9.1.2 Processing Capacity Information
9.1.3 Storage Capacity Information
9.1.4 Associated Pipelines and Jetty Information
10 Latest News And The Impact on The Company
11 Appendix
11.1 Conversion Factors

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