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Dare to Wear your Bikini with Painless Bikini Hair Remova

by justinecricks

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The itsy bitsy bikini retains a certain allure and occupies a special place in fashion and popular culture. It is an item of clothing that only the truly daring or those with stunning physiques can get away with. However, even if you have the body of a goddess, you can’t wear a bikini without first removing unwanted body hair.

In fact, you’d be hard pressed to see anyone who hasn’t had a bikini wax or some other hair removal treatment before wearing a bikini and hitting the beach. In the past, it’s easy to understand why a lot of women choose to forego waxing treatments; after all, it can be quite painful to tug at hair along the bikini area. These days, however, painless bikini hair removal sessions are now possible.

For decades, women had to either hold their breath or stifle their tears just to endure painful bikini waxing. These days, it is now possible to obtain non-prescription numbing creams that can be applied to the bikini area before a waxing treatment. With these products, women don’t have to face the bikini wax ordeal unprepared.

The best products contain Lidocaine, an active ingredient that temporarily numbs the target area prior to the hair removal procedure. Some patented products even come in kits that include special underwear to ensure zero mess. In any case, one needs to choose these products carefully to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Women who have used bikini wax numbing creams claim to not feel any stinging or throbbing discomfort. The products enable women to experience waxing without any pain or anxiety. However, the numbing effect often lasts less than an hour, so reapplication may be necessary in some cases.

A bikini is a sight to behold whether in Ipanema or any other famous beach in the world. Along with diet and exercise, hair removal is a must for anyone who wishes to don a bikini in public areas such as crowded beach resorts. Fortunately, certain advances in topical pain management now enable women to enjoy a painless bikini wax treatment at home. For more information on the topic, visit

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