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Facebook Launches “Camera”

by wheresbigfoot

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Thursday, Facebook announced that it would be launching a new standalone app for
iOS.  A new app?  About a week after the awkward IPO launch?
 Hmmm…  How long has Facebook had these kind of projects up their
sleeve?  I digress.  We can chat about how one can expect a slew of
new projects to be announced now that Facebook has investors and shareholders
to please at a later date.  Today, we’re excited for “Camera”, a new app
focused entirely on image sharing.  It allows Facebook users to quickly
browse existing images, take photos, apply interesting filters, and then upload
them to Facebook.  Someone stop me if this reminds you of another
ubiquitous photo sharing application.



Naturally, one might say, “Oh, THAT’S why
they bought Instagram!”, but you’d be incorrect.  According to some of the
websites out there, the new development team from Instagram wasn’t involved in
making this new app, suggesting that Facebook has had this bun in the oven for
a long time.  Perhaps Facebook didn’t want the competition, and since
Instagram did mobile very well, they may be able to make Camera a better
application.   Streamlining the Facebook photo experience was always a
long-held goal and after reading an article on All Things D, it makes sense.

author writes:




now that Facebook Camera is finally coming to the App Store a month after the
Instagram purchase, the whole deal is starting to make a lot more sense. With
Instagram’s rapid rise to prominence in quickly garnering a strong user base,
Facebook had to have seen the writing on the wall. Tens of millions of users
signed up in the span of two years. And the app surpassed 50 million downloads
after finally being released on Android earlier this year.




essence, Instagram was taking over mobile photos, and Facebook couldn’t wait
around and watch the company snap up every user while still working on
perfecting the Facebook Camera app.”


cool thing about this app is that it’s fast.  And that’s something that
the Facebook app is not.  Looking at photos on the Facebook app, even with
a quick connection is slower than molasses running out of a jar.  I’m glad
that this app is out, because it just gives Facebook more and more ammo to
really take a huge shot at the mobile game.  Buying Instagram (sale still
pending) is a good thing and hopefully just the tip of the iceberg.




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