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How to remove unnatural links

by anonymous

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Few months ago Google was sent unnatural links massages through webmasters to websites owners. The questions is that how to remove all of them from all the spammed sites? Google has detected many of unnatural links to on your website when Google crawled your site and send a list of all unnatural links. So first of all you have to check out all the list of unnatural links which site has been penalized by Google or check out which site looks like spammed, because Google has been penalized tons of sites including Lots of Directories, article directories, Paid links, links wheels, link bait, partners links etc. once if you completed checkout of all the unnatural links and filtered all the spammed links.
And the second step: checkout all the links are placed in proper category or not. Filtered all the links which are not placed in right category, you can see in these sites have some niche specific site. Niche specific sites are basically based on same theme or talking about same product. Collect them which are not matched from your products or services. Once if you completed these step then find out all the exact URLs from the entire websites where link is placed or get alive and also collect the webmasters or admin contact ids.
And last and final step: create a templates and show all information why want you remove your links from others sites. Specify all the reasons which problems facing and add you website details and also add exact URLs from the entire websites where link is placed or get alive and send Requesting mail for removing links. And the most important thing is that please send all the mails from your domain or admin id like and keep tracking all the mails and follow up all mails after every 4 days.
Once if you removed all the unnatural links submit request for reconsideration through webmasters.

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