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Rejuvenate Your Skin WithPhotofacial Laser Treatment

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Photo facial is a skin treatment which is generally used for the treatment of redness in rosacea patients, sun damaged skin. This treatment is beneficial even for those who want a younger looking skin.


Rosacea is a very common problem with the Americans. This makes their face flushed and red. Though, there is no permanent cure to this treatment but this Photo facial can reduce them to some extend.


The best results have been observed in those individuals who have applied steroids and medications as per the prescription after the treatment. This treatment also works for the redness in neck and chest regions. People having uneven pigmentation due to sun also notice immense improvements after this treatment.


Sometimes, the treatment of Microdermabrasion is also accompanied by Photofacial therapy. This is intended to increase its benefits by reducing the dilated capillaries.


How does the process work?


The procedure is based on Laser therapy. An intense pulsed light is used which focus energy on the skin area to be treated. There can be various modulations of this IPL depending upon the skin discoloration. The light is focused only on the defected skin part and other parts are left untouched. An additional module is used to stimulate the collagen production in the skin. Collagen is mainly the skin tissue which is responsible for the elasticity and skin tightness.


As the collagen is produced, it spreads to the skin parts disappearing the wrinkles and discoloration. This enhances the overall glow of the skin.


Why it is being preferred?


The best part for which this treatment is considered is its minimal time. Your entire face requires just 20-30 minutes. This means you need not plan months before and schedule time accordingly for this treatment. The perfect results can be visualized after 3-5 sessions.


Those individuals who have broken capillaries on their nose and cheeks experience the best results through this treatment. The treatment stimulates elastin and collagen which induce elasticity and tightness in the skin.


The treatment is completely safe and effective. There is no downtime which allows patients to resume to their normal activities the same day. However, for better results it is essential that you get the treatment from a renowned clinic. Moreover, individuals who have taken Accutane in the last six months must avoid this treatment.


Benefits of Photofacial:


  • Color and texture of skin are improved
  • You will experience a completely different glowing and smooth skin. A better and youthful appearance will be there.
  • It takes approximately 30 minutes in the complete treatment so that you can resume your activities the same day.
  • This is a very advanced procedure with minimum risk and maximum accomplishment.
  • As compared to other treatment, this is a pain free treatment.


The laser IPL therapy for Photofacial is quite popular for now. Its effectiveness and noninvasive nature have turned people’s attention towards it. It is also used as laser hair removal, wrinkle reduction, Tattoo removal, etc.



Laser Bella offers Photo Facial, hair removal, wrinkle reduction,Laser Hair Removal, and so much more. For more info call us at 520-495-4059.

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