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Code Red Headsets

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Code Red Headsets is a long standing company that has been providing 2-way radio items to public safety professions for over a decade. Since their beginnings they have managed to add a number of radio items and accessories to their line and now have a very robust line of offerings. They have made their products over the years to be more durable and to be able to withstand the daily grind of some of the persons who use them as a vital part of their workforce. They have all the accessories you need once you are looking to find a solution for any communication problem you may have in your firm.

They have moved from offering only two way radios and accessories to offering more technologically advanced items such as communication devices that use Bluetooth technology. They have a wide range of products to include 2 wire mics, listen-only earpieces, surveillance microphones, and replacement batteries for radios, heavy duty headsets, noise cancelling microphones, megaphones, molded earpieces and more. They also stock replacement items for all the accessories they sell along with the various connectors from brands like Vertex radios, Motorola Icom and Kenwood. They pride themselves in being the leader in their class so much so that they are willing to create a solution just for you if you find that they do not have the solution that you are looking for.

Companies that require radio communication devices typically only use radio and shoulder mic units. For those who need to have more discreet communications like you see in police shows on TV. For these purposes there are lapel microphones and earpieces offered by Code Red Headsets. These low profile earpieces offer clear sound quality and are comfortable to wear. They can be purchased with a long cord as well as with a short cord so they can be used with shoulder microphones. They come with all parts replaceable so you don’t need to purchase a new unit everything something goes wrong. There pieces are made with Kevlar cord so you know they are durable as well as reliable. One can use molded earpieces when they will be wearing one for long hours as these are more comfortable.

They also have earpieces that allow you to only listen that do not have an attached mic for circumstances where talking back is not necessary. They pride themselves in offering the best customer service and have a state of the art return policy which provides customers with a great customer experience. Since they have been providing business since 1999 they know exactly what the needs are for businesses who are seeking communication devices. They have been offering products for sale to not only law enforcement but also to property managers such as mall managers, security companies, hotels and resorts, retail stores, casinos and more.


You can find their products available globally from retailers such as Range Master Tactical Gear and on their company website as well. They have one of the best warranty programs backing their products – something that gives consumers reassurance when they are making a Code Red purchase.

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