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Ventilation Types and Related Equipment

by staciseverns

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Because it enhances indoor air quality by removing poisonous fumes, and sanitizing air to lessen infections and allergies, proper air flow is essential for residences and buildings. It also controls mold and mildew build-up by enabling air to circulate within an enclosed room. Without ventilation, peoples' health is at risk due to unsanitized air. To beat this, different sorts of ventilation equipment are available.

Mechanical or Forced Ventilation

The very first example of this sort of ventilation is an appliance utilized for aided breathing. It may be briefly made use of for a patient during a surgical operation or an emergency. Such equipment may also be utilized for life if a person can no longer breathe on his/her own due to a breathing condition or disease. The second example is the simple kitchen exhaust fan, responsible for clearing cooking smoke from a room. The last example is the trusty electric fan which enables indoor air circulation to instantaneously cool warm spaces.

Natural Air Flow

Unlike technical air flow, natural ventilation does not need the usage of equipment. For instance, strategically located windows inside buildings—windows below and above a structure flooring—allow air to circulate inside rooms. No devices needed given that Nature is at work.


There are many air flow companies out there but for the sake of this conversation, here are three. The first is Broan Fans which produces various types of air flow systems for residence use: heaters, attic air flow, and range hoods to name some. The business also has an Energy Star score; this implies that their products require less energy to operate, making them environmentally sustainable.

The second is Delhi Fans which manufactures fans and blowers utilized in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, particularly for commercial and industrial usage. They also belong to a select group of producers capable of standardizing curved blowers and wheels.

The third is Fantech Fans which provides to both commercial and household establishments. One of their newer products, the bath fan, prides itself with a quieter and more energy-efficient motor to remove undesirable odor, and control mold and mildew build-up. For more details about the different kinds of ventilation products and systems, visit

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