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Steps to Create an Eye Catching Online Portfolio

by pixpadesign

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Almost everyone is using internet at present time and it would be a waste if we will not use it for anything that can make us be successful. You can’t bring your photography portfolio book all the time. The alternative way to give out your portfolio without bringing a book is by creating it online. There are a lot of websites that you can use where you can create your own online portfolio or you can also create your own website to place your portfolio. However, for you to get more audiences you would need to make your portfolio eye catching.


Here are some steps to create an eye catching online portfolio:


1.Create your own LOGO and place it on the top left corner of your portfolio page since people usually read from left to right. Simple logos are usually the ones who marks in our minds and do not make it look too colorful. Logos will give your business identity and recognition from other competitors.


2.Create a theme that will match your works and you.


3.Show only the best photos that you think you have and make sure to organize it according to its category. Like for example, if the pictures are about mountains, trees, ocean and sunsets then you can put it on the Landscape and Waterscape or Travel folder. You can put it that way, so that the audience will know where to look for that specific picture that they are trying to find.


4. Make sure you place an area in your portfolio on what are the services that you offer. If you will not put it, people might think your portfolio is just for your photography hobby and not for business. Make it clear and simple, like for example:


•Newborn photography
•Engagement and Wedding Events
•Birthdays and other special occasions
•Landscape photography
•Street and Journalism's photography
•Printing service
•Photo editing service


5.You need to place an “All about me” page. You can place a picture of you so that potential customers will identify your face right away. You can write something about yourself like where is your hometown, other hobbies, how many years have you spent with the business and your achievements. Potential customers can feel that you can be trusted by showing off this information.


6.Don’t over sell yourself because you might look very desperate to your audience and that usually does not work.


7.You can also place music on your online portfolio and make sure that you choose a music that will not scare your potential customers. Choose a cool, catchy and soothing song.


8.You can blog about your pictures and talk about the stuff you did during the photo shoot. People would feel that you really love what you are doing. Just keep it short because they came there to view your pictures and some people do not want to read long stories.


9.Make sure there are no typographical errors with your spelling and grammar is correct.


A simple and clear online portfolio usually does the trick for you to get more audience and customers to your photography business.


Pixpa helps in creating smart portfolio website for photographers, designers and artists to showcase, share and sell their work online.

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