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NCP Birmingham Airport Parking Brief Overview of its Terms

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The terms and conditions is an integral part of a business. It is important because it bonds the consumer and the merchandiser to a mutual agreement of certain events that may arise like damages and liabilities.


Most people tend not to read the terms and conditions because they think it's not worth their time. It will not hurt to take a minute or two to understand the processes of a certain company.  Here is just a quick overview of Birmingham Airport Parking's terms and conditions:


Birmingham's terms and conditions are fair and simple.  The National Car Park or NCP shall be held liable to any injury or death of a person and the loss and damage of any property due to the negligence of their staff. In such event of theft and damage of a customer's vehicle, it is the responsibility of the owner to notify NCP's Customer Services team within 72 hours from the discovery of loss or damage.


 A customer is expected to observe proper courtesy to other customers. They should drive cautiously, follow signage to avoid accidents. They are advised not to loiter in the car park and comply with the rules and regulation in entering and exiting the car park premises. Parents should supervise their children and pet owners should do the same to their pets.


It is also imperative to have the vehicle ticket and coin chip with the customers at all times. The car park team has the right to delay a customer's departure if he/she is unable to produce a ticket or chip. He will be then charged by the hourly rate base on the time their car or motorbike has stayed in the Car Park. For any lost chip, a charge of £2.50 will be imposed.


NCP Birmingham Airport parking possesses the right to relocate vehicles if they find it necessary in order to maintain the safe and efficient operation of the car park. Vehicles should be parked within the designated bay and not go beyond the duration of time it was paid for.


Any violation shall incur a Parking Contravention Charge Notice. A certain sum that comes with the notice should be taken cared of within 28 days or the company will need to resort to legal actions against the customer.  For non-payment of parking charges, the company reserves the right not to release the vehicle to the owner. A vehicle is considered abandoned and will be subject to disposable through selling by auction if it has stayed in the car park for more than 28 days without any head's up from the owner.


These are just some important points to take note in the NCP's terms and conditions.  You can always visit their website to more information. Awareness of these things characterizes a responsible consumer.

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