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Funny films that are worth watching

by anonymous

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A lot of people find watching good comedy movies an effective way to relax. Many of us experience extreme stress and sadness every day and so having a funny movie flashed before you is a great way to loosen up and get hooked for some entertainment. In addition, it is also well established how a humorous film can make someone calm down and feel more at ease. However, not all funny movies are created really funny. Some may only be comical at the beginning, but will not keep you alert throughout and seriously that is something not really funny. So, here are the top 10 comedy movies that will surely brighten up your moods.

1. Ted. Included in the list is “Ted”. This movie is the first investment of Seth MacFarlene into the movie industry. It is starred by Mark Wahlberg who portrayed the role of Josh Bennett, a man dealing with his well treasured teddy bear way back his early days. Ted’s coming to life is the result of a wish and this experience of Josh’s is simply a riotous one. You will surely like this movie so find out why.

2. The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists. Taking the second sweet spot of top 10 comedy movies is the child’s movie “The Pirates!”. A lot would agree that this animated movie is not only for the kids, but for the entire family as well. This movie will not disappoint you with its full of laugh out loud moments.

3. MIB 3. Many believe that this movie is this year’s most anticipated movie. Agent J (Will Smith), Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), and young Agent K (Josh Brolin) was brought into the big screen once again. Their deliberated strategies in fulfilling their missions didn’t go smooth as planned which resulted into some tremendously hilarious experience.

4. The Three Stooges. This classic American film features Chris Diamantopoulos, Will Sasso and Sean Hayes, the three friends who struggle to live their lives to the fullest. Sure, this will cause you some belly laugh while also reminding you of the good old days.

5. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. If you have watched the previous installments of Madagascar, you will definitely love this funny film. Join Alex (Lion), Gloria (Hippo), Marty (Zebra), and Melman (Giraffe) in another fun and amazing journey as they strive to get back to New York.

6. That’s My Boy. Well, this movie, starring Adam Sandler (Donny) as father of Adam Samberg (Todd) is a father and son story who were separated for a long time. After years of disconnection between the two, Donny wants to be reunited again with Todd, but he must face first the consequences of being a bad parent. Adam Sandler hasn’t failed his fans yet of delivering real fun on his movies, not this one.

7. 21 Jump Street. The story circulates about two guys, (Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill) who found themselves joining the police force. They were then tasked to do undercover surveillance on a high school which brought them good and funny experiences doing the undertaking.

8. Wanderlust. With Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd as casts, you will surely be witnessing one great witty movie. It’s a story about a couple who lived their married life in commune- away from urban lavishness and fancies. Eventually, they learned to appreciate life better, but only after suffering tremendously.

9. Lol. This “laugh out loud” filled movie features Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, and Ashley Greene dealing with high school pressures- romance, parents, and friendship problems. Relationship between the mother (Demi Moore) and her daughter (Miley Cyrus) is loaded with a lot of “Lol”.

10. American Pie: Reunion. Just a thought of American Pie makes you laugh all the way. This time, a high school “Class 99” reunion brings together once more the American Pie characters with a lot of reminiscing. Not only a funny movie, but also full of lessons that’s why it is included in the good comedy movies.

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