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Various uses of microfiber glass cloth

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Different cleaning tools and fabrics are being launched in the market every day to reduce the effort in cleaning processes. They are designed and developed to save time and labor of the user. They are efficient and can be used on multiple surfaces like floors, glasses, metals, laminated wood and so on. There are many types of wiping cloths available to clean dirt and stains from any given surface particularly glass surfaces. One of them is microfiber glass cloths, which are made of synthetic fibers or microfiber. This kind of material is often used to make woven, non-woven and knitted fabrics for different use.

Microfiber glass cloth is best known and used for cleaning glass surfaces like window panes, glasses, mirrors, monitors, LCD screens, iPads  and so on. They are very soft in touch and have wicking ability to clean dirt from the glass surface. They are very thin with great absorption and water repellency qualities. They are highly recommended products for cleaning sensitive products like eye glasses and telescopes. The best feature of a sponge cloth is that it leaves no scratches and attracts dust or lint to it. It is observed that after cleaning any glass surface there will not be any type of streaks. This is mainly because of the way the microfiber absorbs the cleaner and then wicks it away. It is a versatile product and can be used in multiple ways on different surfaces. You can use the cloth dry for dusting, damp for surface cleaning and wet for scrubbing hard stains from a surface.

Different uses include cleaning grease off from your stainless steel stove. Some people also use them to clean off the soap scum from the shower door. They are used in removing dust webs, smudges on the wall, cleaning sink faucets and glass. One of their common uses is to clean cars. They are great in use and low in cost. While buying one should check the quality and smoothness of the base. A good quality microfiber cloth is slightly grabby in nature and never smooth. If it is too soft, then it won’t be able to hold the cleaner for a longer time and will wear off quickly. The versatile uses of the product have made it most popular in the stain cleaner category. Microfiber glass cloths are one of the cheapest yet easy to use products for cleaning purpose.

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