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British Study Shows That Red Cars Are More Likely

by delsiemaidens

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You just drove out of the car wash for a relaxing drive back to the house, stoked at the beauty of nature right outside your window. You see the towering trees lining the road and a flock of birds flying overhead. Upon arriving home, you notice bits of white and grey all over the hood and roof of your red car—bird poop.

A recent study claims that the red color may be partly responsible for attracting bird droppings. In a study of 1,140 cars in five major cities in the U.K., red vehicles made up 18 percent of the total number of cars stained by bird poop. Green vehicles had it easy, as only one percent was marked by the droppings. These findings raise an interesting question: “Do birds choose a color when dropping their load?”

There are various theories as to why birds seem to choose dark colors such as red as targets. A Ford driver says darker colors tend to create a deeper reflection of the birds, causing them to react violently. So far, the reason for this odd pattern is undetermined.

The study also found that most car drivers wait for the next car wash before cleaning the poop off their cars. Car experts advise against waiting longer than necessary to clean the droppings to prevent the alkalinity or acidity of bird poop from softening and expanding the paint lacquer. Whether you own new or used cars Oakville residents prefer, it’s important that you clean it as soon as possible.

Bird poop is a serious problem for car owners, as the study reports that it costs almost $90 million in paintjobs every year. Furthermore, bird droppings, just like any other fecal matter, can bring about diseases and health risks. However, it’s still perfectly fine to buy red used cars Oakville; just try to avoid parking in places where birds often convene.

For more information about the study, you can read the article at, along with the press release on the same subject. If you need a good color that’s less likely to attract birds and their droppings, drop by a dealer of used in cars Oakville right away.

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