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Four Things to Consider in Your LA CA Disaster Recovery Plan

by rubybadcoe

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Whether you own a small stall in a mall or run a multinational corporation, you need a disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery plans detail how your business will function during and after a catastrophic event in Los Angeles, California. Assuming it’s only your office that gets destroyed, but not its production capabilities (e.g. a factory), you should consider the following.

Job Lists

What are the jobs that you can afford to relocate in the event of a disaster? Classify these jobs according to their criticality level. For example, since you can’t build your financial records from scratch, your accounting personnel should be among the first to be transferred elsewhere. For employees who don’t need to be physically present in the office, orient them on procedures they can follow in case they need to work from home.

Office Equipment

Make an inventory of your office equipment and classify them into “necessary” and “supporting”. Computers, telephones, cash registers, and calculators count as necessary office equipment. On the other hand, servers, business phone systems, and office safes are considered supporting equipment.

Alternate Office Space

What are the possible places in Los Angeles where you can relocate your office? A local real estate agent can help you with this task by providing a list of available office space at any time. You can even have an agreement with a neighboring company to use their extra space temporarily until your business is fully functional. Aside from your employees and equipment, you can have your data backed up with the help of experts in data recovery Los Angeles CA businesses can rely on.


Based on the list of equipment you created earlier, estimate how much you’ll spend for extra equipment. Buy these extras as soon as possible, and store them in a safe place. Tasks like data recovery Los Angeles CA are much easier when you have a detailed list of jobs and equipment.

The importance of data recovery Los Angeles CA as a component of your disaster recovery plan should not be underestimated. When your data are destroyed, you’ll have to either build your entire company from scratch, or close down your existing business permanently. For more information on disaster recovery plans, read


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