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How To Give Your Corporate Stationery a Letterhead Makeover

by davidgallegos57

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Your corporate stationery represents your brand identity and all that your company stands for. It’s the one important official document that will make or break your brand credibility. Even though we are highly electronic these days, it’s still necessary to have beautifully designed stationery that will create the impact desired to effectively convert leads into paying customers.


There’s one crucial facet of the stationery, though, that will require extra attention if you are to make all the difference on how people perceive your business—the letterhead. If you constantly communicate with a lot of clients, a well-crafted letterhead will facilitate effective brand communication and show clients that you are a professional and you mean business.


It’s a tough market out there today, so if you’re still using your old, outdated letterhead it’s time you seriously consider giving it a makeover, and this shouldn’t be a difficult job.  


Step 1: Examine your old letterhead


Carefully scrutinize it and check whether it still reflects your brand identity. If it’s too old and boring for your target audience, you need to get started on your new design at once. Today’s consumers are picky and technology-oriented, so they expect everything to be done in the most artistic and avant-garde way.


Step 2: Work on the new design


As much as possible your letterhead design should be simple and neat. Don’t put too much information on it. One contact detail—phone number or email address—should be enough. Of course, your logo should be part of the design since it serves as the representation of your company and brand image.


If you intend to redesign your own letterhead, Microsoft Word offers a myriad of letterhead designs you can customize. You can also choose to create your own template with Word. Simply open a Word document and go to Insert, and then go to Header and Footer. Insert your logo in the Header and align it left, right, or in the middle, whichever you prefer. Put your contact info, tagline, and other info next to the logo, and the additional details (website, physical address, etc.) in the Footer.


Step 3: Get it printed.


Printing on your own is pretty easy these days; it’s like printing an ordinary document, no special settings are needed. However, if you are looking for a wholesale stationery package, you need to get the printing done through commercial printing companies. When you send your letterhead for printing, make sure you follow the printer’s file format and carefully read the terms and conditions to avoid costly mistakes.


Let your letterhead work miracles for your business. Give it the makeover it needs and you’ll surely get an incomparable edge over your competitions in marketing and brand building.            

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