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Gastric bypass surgeries are preferred for obesity treatment

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A person’s weight is a result of many things working together like genes, metabolism, behavior and environment. If any of these factors are disturbed it directly affects the health of the person. Apart from these there are some people who have over-eating habits that result into obesity conditions. The condition becomes so worse that the person is not able to manage his own body weight and his BMI (Body Mass Index) value crosses 40. This severe state is termed as ‘morbid obesity’ condition by the doctors. This state is often struck with chronic co-morbid diseases like heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. Even in India the cases of morbid obesity are increasing at an alarming rate. Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most preferred obesity treatments in India. Its success rate is higher than most other bariatric surgeries and the patient loses almost 60% of his total weight after the surgery.

In gastric bypass surgery the normal size of the stomach is reduced by various methods to restrict food intake in the body. It is carried out by two methods - Roux-en-Y and extensive gastric bypass methods. In Roux-en-Y method the stomach is cut into two parts and a new stomach, which is smaller in size, is created. This small pouch is then connected to the small intestine bypassing a large part of the stomach. This will bypass large chunk of food to small intestine and less absorption of nutrients and calories will take place resulting into subsequent weight loss. Whereas, in the extensive gastric bypass method, the lower portion of the stomach is completely removed. Again, this remaining part of stomach is attached to the small intestine. This makes the food to bypass both duodenum and jejunum skipping absorption of calories and nutrients in the body. Fewer calories lead to weight loss and the person can survive morbid obesity. Due to excessive loss of precious nutrients many hospitals and doctors have stopped conducting these mal-absorptive surgeries.

All the bariatric surgeries have some risks and side-effects associated with them. In gastric bypass method one of the most crucial risk factor is mal-absorption of nutrients. Along with calories precious nutrients like proteins are lost and the patient can gradually become anemic and weak. To avoid nutritional disorders patient might have to take life long nutritional supplements. All these surgeries which are used for obesity treatment in India are quite cheap and easily accessible to the patients.

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