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Why is MRI Patient Stereo so Special for the MRI Patients?

by mriaudio

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Get Best MRI Technologist & MRI Audio Provider in Colorado. We have one of the finest Patient Stereo System to make your patients more comfortable with the MRI Audio System.

Going for an MRI scan is inevitable. The least that we can do is to make the experience enjoyable and pleasant. This is because while getting an MRI scan done, patients are bound to feel anxiety and nervousness. MRI patient headphones tend to provide a feeling of comfort to the patient in this regard. Though the patients do not feel lonely while they are undergoing a scan, as the technician is present to talk to, however the image may not be precise, as the mind is not relaxed. Using MRI patient stereo from MRI Audio, patients can listen to a soothing music and let the mind relax. This will help MRI machine to capture the images accurately without having to go through the trouble of MRI double scans. So what makes these audio gadgets from MRI Audio perfect in every sense? Let us find out.

Features of MRI Sound Systems:        

If you think MRI patient stereo is just the same as the ordinary one that you get off the shelf, think again! These sound systems from the house of MRI Audio are specialized ones, which are apt for using within the MRI room premises without any disturbance. Here are a few features enumerated:

  • These MRI patient headphones are devoid of any metallic parts. Hence, they are totally safe as well as compatible to be used by the patients when the MRI scan is on.
  • MRI Audio offers a range of products such as electrostatic headphones, electrostatic ear buds, pneumatic sound and patient microphone among others.
  • These sound systems are known to alleviate stress and the feeling of anxiousness. It also increases the efficiency of the patient and greater throughput.
  • With the advent of these MRI audio systems, the patients can now get distracted from the noise in the surroundings leading to a better MRI scan.
  • The MRI patient stereo is easy to operate and use and does not require additional training to do so.

Having these smart and innovative sound systems built for easing the MRI process will actually boost the medical facility’s viability and enhance the brand image as well. It will eventually reduce the occurrence of MRI double scans in the near future.

It is imperative to ensure that a person undergoing an MRI scan needs to experience MRI patient comfort. It is only that the scan will be successful. MRI Audio has come up with a plethora of devices, which tend to produce relaxing effect without interfering in the MRI process. Having such devices in a medical facility will actually boost the morale of the people for MRI scans. In fact, more and more people will say yes to the procedure due to MRI patient headphones.

MRIaudio has partnered with Koss electronics and engineered the first ever electrostatic headphones designed specifically for clinical MRI’s. With the help of UCSD’s fMRI department, we have built a system that works with all MRI’s, and provides patients high fidelity stereo sound. “Not only do these professional headphones provide extremely low distortion, they also offer unbeatable sound quality and reproduction for an utterly unique listening experience.” Koss Electronics. Our Headphones were designed to have a super slim design and fit into virtually all head coils, and with an adjustable headband they fit everyone.


Mr. Spencer Howe is an expert in MRI audio sound system. He has years of experience to treat patients with the gift of music. He writes about various MRI patient stereo and Pneumatic headphones.

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