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Now creating and maintaining a website becomes easier using

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The Internet era began


In the earlier days, internet was restricted to the computer experts, universities and government agencies. But technological development and affordability of acquiring personal computer makes internet usage becomes more common.


How web hosting service works


Every time when sitting in front of the computer open a web browser and then click on a link or type an address that begins with “www.”, there is a composite set of actions happening in the background to take the user to a web page. Web hosting is a method in which user of the web can effectively surf the Internet. Web hosting Services offer servers to its customers with the options of presenting information, files, pictures and bandwidth for the traffic its website brings in. This is a suitable technique to place ideas, products or personal touches on the www. Each of the features mentioned below is the part of web-hosting package.


Website basics - Building a web site on the internet means building in an undeveloped land around a city. As per the requirement the website can be build. The website can be big or as small as per the necessity. Any kind of color and architectural combination can be used. You can do all these thins by yourself using your computer, with files stored on your computer. Otherwise someone else will build those files on their computer for you and you can pay against that work. But after completion of those files a web server is needed.


Web server basics - A web server is a computer with some special software installed on it. When your files are placed into a particular directory /folder on that computer, the web server can recognize those files. You can use some one’s server for building the website.


Getting the service

You can get many Web Hosting Company links through internet. After scrutiny the feedbacks and comments given by the viewers you can rely upon them. Confirmation of friends and associates can also help in this process.SSCSWorld can provide advance web hosting platform. They are the top web service providing company in India. They have a hardworking team of technicians, strong network infrastructure, efficient Engineers, Help Desk staff, Sales and Accounts Staff with them. It has many centers across India in Chandighar, Kolkata, Bangalore, Noida, and in outsides Ohio (USA), New York (zone 13). The company has more than 10,000 customers and covers 30% of the Indian market.



From the company website you get to know about the company. Their website is You can halt at SSCSWorld for web hosting solution for their services mentioned below –

·         Unmatched hosting technology and infrastructure

·         24-hour Technical Support Available

·         Affordable Customized Web Hosting Packages

·         Fool-proof Web Hosting Security

·         Improved Network Uptime Guarantee


You can find the detail information of their services and other information from the company website. The company portfolio is also displayed there. Online and institutional training, SMS broadcasting data security management and many more things is also provided by the company.The web hosting services of the company are tied in with guaranteed uptime, security, and technical support.

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