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Reference of Some Jargon Pertaining to Computers

by benitabolland

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Purchasing computer parts is fairly difficult for people due to all the computer-related terms today. Some individuals might try to get something they don't even recognize the name or purpose of, while some are familiar with the name but do not know exactly what it looks like. Listed below are just some terminology that you may bump into in your search for computer parts:


OEM means original equipment manufacturer, which pertains to the company that manufactures computer parts for other computer and IT businesses to build their products. The term is a misname because the OEM actually just customizes and markets products that carry their branding, licensing, and technical support. As a matter of fact, the hardware that OEMs market is different from those supplied by independent hardware vendors or IHVs.


The most vital hardware that OEMs and IHVs supply is the CPU or central processing unit. Many individuals mistake the CPU for the metal box that has the controlling parts of the computer. The CPU is actually just a small chip that holds info on the entire computer and regulates its processes.


The CPU is contained in the motherboard, which is a huge circuit board where several of the most important parts of the computer system are hooked up. The motherboard is also connected with the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and the hard disks of the computer. The Dell Poweredge Motherboard is a good example; it is also called a system board.


Some motherboards are developed to operate with a RAID system. RAID represents redundant array of independent disks, which is a set of hard disks that enables a user to store information in a number of places at the same time. Products like the Dell Poweredge RAID controller makes data recovery simpler to accomplish, sparing computer owners the worry of losing necessary data like their business or creative works.

Power Supply

Some RAID systems require an uninterrupted power supply to help individuals to save their work securely if power outages occur. The Dell Poweredge power supply device is created for the RAID system. This makes the computer running as long as possible, so proper shutdowns can be conducted. For even more related information, see

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