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There is a difference between single speed and fixed gear

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Whether it’s for transporting, casual riding, mountain biking or recreational riding different bike models are available to meet different requirements. Different bike models like single speed bikes, multi speed or fixed gear bikes are categorized based on their functionality and design.

Single speed bikes - are the type of bicycles with a single gear ratio. These bicycles are a perfect choice if an individual is looking for sheer pleasure of riding or for exercise purpose. It does not require high efficiency in speed, distance or vertical climbing features. These are called single speed bicycles because they are without gears, hub gearing or derailleur gears and there is no other methods used to vary the gear ratio of the bicycle. They are lighter, cheaper and simpler in mechanism than multi-geared bicycles. This type of bike is made with fewer parts since there are no derailleur or other gearing system that requires maintenance, which makes it easy to maintain and light in weight. It is generally called a normal 1 gear bicycle, which a person can freewheel or ‘coast’ (meaning stop pedaling while still in motion). It is also a preferred choice of people for city commuting in all weather conditions. In all, major benefits of a single speed bike are low in maintenance, minimalistic looks and simple design.

Fixed gear bikes or Fixie - are nothing but a type of single speed bikes without derailleur which come with a single sprocket attached to the rear hub. They come without the ability to freewheel or ‘coast’. The rear cog of the bicycle is fixed to the bike’s rear wheel, which means whenever the bike is in motion, the pedals will go around. So the mechanism is that whenever the rear wheel turns, the pedal turns in the same direction, thus the person is always pedaling on a fixed gear bike. These bikes are the best choice if you are looking for a constant one-speed experience usually used for riding on the pavements. It gives a degree of control and oneness as compared to other freewheeling bikes. It is little expensive and heavy as compare to other bikes in the category.

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