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Key Factors Commencing Your SEO Journey

by anonymous

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an art and a science at the same time. It’s a simple means of having your web site content found by search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. This primarily involves the use of keywords that accurately describe what your service (or content of the website) is all about. Keywords are nothing but what web users would type into search engine sites to look for information related to those keywords.

This is a technology era with the world of the Internet at your finger tips. In order to bring your company to the lime light and to keep pace with the technology driven world, it is imperative that you employ SEO services for your Web site. Below are some of the reasons why and how you should start thinking of commencing your SEO journey. 

Clearly define your strategy and understand your company’s target audience.

Relevant Keywords
This is the first step; a proper analysis will help furnishing appropriate contents in your Web site and come out with a set of relevant keywords. If you have done this step right, then your foundation is strong and you are likely to attract more visitors to your Web site in the near future.

Showcase Profile & Strengths
More traffic to your Web site doesn’t guarantee generation of leads through your Web site. It is important that you show case your company's profile and strengths to the visitors of your Web site. Unless you convey to them the impression that you are a genuine service provider and you have shown enough material to evidence that, you are unlikely to get any inquiries from potential customers.

Maintain the SEO service
Once you start seeing the result of higher rankings for your Web site on search engines, you should maintain the SEO activity to maintain the high ranking of the site in page 1 or 2. Normally, the visitors tend to randomly browse the search results that appear only within the first 3 pages. Therefore, you are unlikely to see any effect of your SEO unless your site starts appearing in search results within this boundary.

Contact Details
Ensure that your ‘contact us’ page is simple and user-friendly. The customers who find difficulty in completing your ‘contact us‘ form would easily switch to your competitors.

Site Performance
Even though you might have scored well in all the above parameters, it still doesn’t guarantee good traffic to your Web site unless your web pages are not opening lightning fast. Plain HTML pages are considered most friendly to search engines. So consider avoiding heavy image files and optimize your Web pages, especially the home page to load faster.

Professional Service Provider
Even though you might have SEO experts within your organization, it is a wise decision to find a professional SEO/ Internet Marketing provider to help you on your SEO journey. There are multiple factors that determine page rankings and it takes professional advice from a company of experts to guide you on the right path. Choosing the right partner would save you time and money while optimizing your Web site for search engines, and this in turn would ensure the growth of your business in the long-run.


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