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A Guide to Avoiding Imitation Printer Cartridges

by clintonmcalexander

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Gradually, people start to comprehend that while there are original high-quality products available in the market, there are also bound to be imitations hitting the stores. These counterfeit cartridges may seem like a good buy, but based on the rise in cartridge-related problems caused by these counterfeits, it's the exact opposite. Since then, cartridge manufacturers took up certain measures.

The Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC), a non-profit trade association of major printer and ink brand names, states printing business lose a total of $ 250 billion prospective revenue every year to imitation ink cartridges and other items. While the ISC says everybody loses when folks buy products without the proper seal of quality and authenticity, even these seals can be forged by crafty hands. You can, however, halt the surge of fake items in the market by being a wise purchaser, and observing the following:

Examine the seals on a product
Thanks to innovations in item tagging such as QR codes, items are much safer from counterfeiting than they were previously. A major printer manufacturer employs this QR code system where the customer uses a QR code reader (common in smart phones) to validate the QR code on a genuine product. When the manufacturer gets the data on the QR code, the purchaser gets a message stating the authenticity of the product.

Identify the difference
Another means to check the product for authenticity is to analyze the look of a doubtful item side-by-side with a known genuine item. Some popular printer brands such as Canon inform their purchasers of what the genuine thing and the imitation look like. It's not just cartridges but toners and other accessories that follow a particular profile only accepted by the company itself. Anything differing from what the company specifies it ought to seem like can be considered counterfeit.

Be skeptical about "purchase now" deals
The ISC urges the public to be careful about dealers supplying promos that make you purchase big time. Unless you run an office or company, for the most part, you may only require one cartridge for both black-and-white and colored. If you're unsure about how to tackle this, call the ISC for an overall background check on the supplier in question.

Stay well-informed
Info plays a vital part in security against counterfeiting. Go to the ISC site at ISC-INC. org for information on and means of unmasking counterfeit cartridges and other items.

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