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Importance of Solving CBSE Sample Papers

by anonymous

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Board’s exams are the milestones in any student’s career and everyone wants to score good marks in it. All students give their 100% in terms of efforts and preparation, then why some of them score exceptionally good marks and some scores average percentage? The answer lies in the way of preparation they choose to follow.

There is a section of student and parents who does not believe in CBSE sample papers and tag them as waste of money and time. Whereas some of the students give importance to these sample papers and prefer to prepare from them. CBSE sample papers not only help the students in more than one way. Often we hear our teachers and seniors recommending examination preparation with the help of CBSE sample papers. Lets us discuss the reason behind the popularity of CBSE practice papers First and foremost the CBSE sample papers provide student clear view and pattern of questions asked in the board exams. The book of sample papers are nothing but the collection of past years question papers along with the answers.

These sample papers thus helps student to know the answering pattern, length of answer pertaining to the marks and types of questions which can be asked in the main examination. Secondly CBSE sample papers help the student to judge their actual worth and level of preparation. In order to score good marks in Board examination it is important that the students must understand the syllabus clearly, practice rigorously and revise regularly. Solving the CBSE sample papers will help them to know their week areas and under prepared topics, so that they can concentrate on their weaknesses and can give more attention and time to the less prepared part of syllabus.

Thirdly and most importantly the CBSE sample papers helps the student to make best utilization of available time. If a student regularly practices from these sample papers he or she will get to understand how to attempt and answer each question in limited time of 3 hours. Habitual practice from CBSE practice paper will definitely help students to employ their limited time allotted during examination in more effective and productive manner.

Lastly the CBSE sample papers help the students gain self confidence and assist them to overcome the anxiety and fear of Board Examination by equipping them with positive traits like time management, promptness and answering skills. So take up the challenge of scoring good marks in board exams and bang it by preparing with CBSE sample papers. For thoroughly preparation of the upcoming broad exams each and every student must take help from different sources such as the main course books, practice papers, coaching classes, private tuitions, guess papers, and 10th class sample paper.

For well preparation, all the Parents enroll their children in various coaching institutes or hire a private tutor for them but in realty apart from the main course books, CBSE sample papers are very valuable for the students. In the last it is concluded that while preparing for 10th and 12th CBSE board exams he/she should these CBSE sample papers which are easily available in the market and online also. Almost all the school and coaching teachers also suggest their students to practice from sample papers so that their chances to performing well are increased.

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