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Finding Jobs as a Wedding Planner

by rickpetko9179

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For many people wedding planning in London (or anywhere else in the world) is a dream job that offers many exceptional rewards such as flexible working hours; decent pay once established; the fact you are your own boss; low set up costs and low overheads if you work from home.


Given these facts, over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people wanting to get into wedding planning or wanting to know how to be a London wedding planner. Yet it is a somewhat regrettable fact that 90% of the C.V's we receive fail to make any impression whatsoever. Each week without fail we receive at least 15 generic template emails that are sent to 10 or more other wedding planning companies (sometimes at the same time!) by applicants that have not even been bothered to look at our website and find out just a little about our business.


And of those that do take the time to research our company and personalize their application, unfortunately most of them have not undertaken any reputable wedding planner courses and also lack relevant experience. Yet applicants still expect to find a position simply by offering to work for free for a short period of time.


As we found out ourselves back in 2006-2007 the offer of free labor is unfortunately a 'double edged sword'. The fact is it actually cost us money due to the time we spent having to train and assist applicants who were originally selected to do the assisting!!


Anyway, nowadays therefore, unless you are extremely fortunate, in order to break into this industry it is essential that you have at least undertaken a reputable wedding planning course and ideally possess some solid wedding planning experience. Although for those that lack wedding planning experience, previous general events experience can assist you in landing your dream job, but do bear in mind that the actual day-to day job of wedding planning is very different to working in general events. After all, a wedding is an extremely personal, emotional and dare I say it... often stressful event for all concerned and especially so for the wedding party (bride, groom, immediate family and close friends).


Once you have completed, or better still, as you are completing a wedding planning course you need to seek out practical opportunities to put your training into practice. The easiest way to do this is by offering your wedding planning services freely to members of your family or friends that happen to be getting married. Accept any wedding planning opportunities that come your way, even if you think they might be too small or even too large for you to handle. It is this practical, hands-on experience that will help you to establish a foothold in the wedding planning industry. And naturally, the more weddings you have worked on the better your understanding of what a wedding planner's job entails.


So, if you lack either wedding or events experience, education is the key and for most people it the first step to success onto the wedding planning ladder. After all, without it, you are stuck in a classic catch-22 situation: no experience > no job / no job > no experience.

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