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Having a Better Look at Creating a Decorative Candle Glass J

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Designing your own decorative candle glass jars is an enjoyable and simple project that anybody may do. You can use basically any type of craft pieces you can come up with to decorate your jar. If you are highly-skilled in artworks, it's also feasible for you to create a snow globe from the jar's lid. Listed below are some inexpensive methods that you can use as a guide to transform a normal jar into an eye-catching and useful candle jar.


Many jar lids have a plastic seal under its cap, which can be easily taken out using a screw driver. In this space, you can put number of different things, among them are dried flowers, colored paper, etc. Or, you can design a cutesy drawing. One great concept is to put fake flowers and greens on the lid, with the flower colors the same as the jar wax.

Sand, pebbles, or marble pieces can likewise bring an unique look to the lid. You can make use of different layers of colored sand for a wave-like look. Simply make sure you fill it properly so it won't have air pockets. If you want to have pebbles with different colors in your lid, a fistful of aquarium rocks should do it.

For a more customized twist, you can put a photo, a personal message, or your own art pieces to the lid. Just cut the piece to fit the lid and put some backdrop behind it. Velvet fabrics or colored felts make eye-catching, neutral backgrounds for any sort of creation. They will likewise function as fillers to keep the piece where it is.

Glass Jars

Like the lid, the jar can also be adorned in innumerable ways. You could utilize the design concepts pointed out above for your jar. This technique will help your jar and lid to have a consistent design. Nonetheless, you can also have jars and lids of distinct designs if you want. There are no laws that govern the crafting of decorative candles; everything is just a matter of taste.

If you're planning to make gift candles for a holiday occasion like Christmas or Valentine's, you can make use of some of your old holiday cards for this. Cut the card into a size that will fit into the glass jar, then stick it to the jar with glue dots or crafter's glue. Writing a personalized message on the other side of the jar will add a great touch.

If art work aren't your cup of tea, you can buy wholesale jar candles to present to your loved ones. It's easy to discover a shop that can supply you a wide variety of candle designs to pick from. For even more concepts on candle designs, browse through

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