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Modern Paper Shredding: How 21st Century Treats Information

by rubybadcoe

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When the first emperor of a unified China sat on the throne, he ordered the burning of the books that predated him. While some books were exempted from the burning, much of ancient China’s history went up in smoke because of this mandate. The emperor wanted history to start with him.

If the emperor tried the same thing in U.S. soil, he could be arrested for violation of federal law for at least two reasons. First is because there is such a thing as right to information. The second reason is that vital documents are protected by regulations such as the Fair and Accurate Federal Transactions Act (FACTA). Furthermore, today, shredding is preferred over burning because the shredded paper could still be recycled.

There are several reasons why people want to be updated and informed now more than ever. One of the biggest has to do with transparency—to have an understanding of how companies and agencies handle their clients’ files and ensure that they don’t fall into the wrong hands. People cannot rest without knowing that their files are safe from identity thieves.

The last thing any business wants is for a transaction to be credited to one of their valued clients when the latter hasn’t done anything at all. They would very likely lose their client’s trust because it would mean their records are not secure enough. Just because identity theft is a problem plaguing millions of people and companies around the world doesn’t give any business the right to slack off on data protection.

Burning may have been effective in destroying documents, but organization still plays a part in the grand scheme of things. Paper shredding is only half of what you need to do to safely dispose of sensitive information; there must be proper planning and coordination beforehand. Fortunately, shredding companies Los Angeles firms rely on can advise their clients on what must be destroyed and what can be preserved.

In addition, shredding companies Los Angeles are governed by both federal and state law. In this case, paper shredding may be your best option especially in places where burning files and other important documents are illegal. The government requires the full compliance of the client and shredding service so that document destruction is carried out in line with established regulations.

Stay in the loop about paper shredding because you never know when a piece of paper could lead to your downfall. If you want to know more about paper shredding, you can visit the website at On the other hand, you can inquire with shredding companies Los Angeles for more direct information.

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