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Are you wondering which type of kids bicycle to buy?

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Today where emphasis is to provide good quality education and medical facilities to the children parents often look for cheaper and economic options while buying toys or cycles for them. This is directly related to their age and parents think no matter how expensive is the bike, they will outgrow it in a few years. Parents need to understand their child’s needs and safety first; most cheap bikes don’t give good riding experience and are seldom durable enough to face weather conditions for a longer time. Buying kids bicycle is indeed a task with the number of options available in the market. There are bikes for all age groups, for kids there are two separate categories like small kid’s bike and big kid’s bike depending on different age levels. There are many important things one needs to consider before buying the right kind of kids bicycle.


Cycling is more fun to kids since they experience the speed and joy of riding with this sport. Parents should buy the best bike possible for their children to bring good and memorable cycling days in their childhood. Bicycle should be safety certified and made of good quality material. The first feature that needs to be considered before buying is the size. The general sizes in the kid’s category are 12” to 26” inch wheels designed to suit the requirement of kids anywhere between 3 to 16 years. You need to check a safe size for the kid; his body should not be far stretched and should easily reach handlebars, gears and pedals. Next important thing is the weight of the bicycle. Kids bicycle should be lightweight and easy to handle without any complex features. Hold it yourself to get a feel of the weight, don’t go for heavy bikes as they may require a lot of energy to move and can be difficult to handle by kids. Other than size and weight, the most important issue is the ‘type of bike’.  Kid’s bicycles are available in different sizes, colors and designs for boys and girls. Take your kid along and let him choose his favorite colors and graphics from the range. Separate bikes for girls and boys are designed to meet their individual demands.

Other factors to be checked include- the brakes, wheels, suspension forks, protective pads, support wheel and adjustable seat and handle bars. It is very important for every parent to buy a good quality and right size of the bike for their children. Kid’s bicycles from good and reputed brands generally give quality performance and are much safer and durable as compared to others.

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