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How to Tell When Your Swimming Pool Needs a Renovation

by cathynewman

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Anyone who've experienced skipping school can relate to the film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," some scenes of which were filmed in Highland Park, Illinois. An unforgettable scene was when Ferris's best friend accidentally drowns in a pool and ends up catatonic. This is something that could possibly happen in real life if you don't maintain your pool as needed.


Like any part of your home, your pool can benefit from regular maintenance. It would help if you have the pool inspected to know if any repair work is needed. However, there may come a time when repair work won't suffice, and a complete overhaul should be in order.


If you find that the surface of your pool is rough, it probably needs plaster resurfacing. The roughness can be due to several reasons like erosion underneath or adjacent to the pool, as well as improper use of muriatic acid to clean the pool. Replastering the pool will need the expertise of professionals to make sure the new plaster will stick to the current pool.


Replastering typically takes three to four days, and you need to use low-mineral and low-metal content water initially. Additionally, the pool contractor may have to come back to brush the plaster and test water chemistry for about a month. As this process entails a lot of work, you need to choose a contractor who can provide you with a warranty that spans at least five years.


When your pool deck and coping are showing signs of wear and deterioration, it's time for a renovation. There are various trends in deck and coping materials you can ask professionals in pool renovation Highland Park residents prefer to make your pool look elegant. For the deck, you can choose stamped concrete, regular concrete, brick pavers, and natural stone. Limestone, bluestone, or brick, meanwhile, are good choices for the coping.


The use of harsh chemicals like chlorine combined with extreme weather conditions makes your ceramic or porcelain tiles on the pool floor or walls prone to cracks or stains. This poses safety risks if not fixed. Therefore, you should immediately have the tiles replaced by experts in pool renovation Barrington homeowners rely on. You can also use this opportunity to consider a new trend in pool tiles like glass or mosaic tiles to give your pool a completely fresh look.


If you have a growing family, a structural renovation from experts in pool renovation Hinsdale residents trust is good to consider. You can also opt to add benches or even a swim-up bar. For more information, log on to

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