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Residential Roofing Maintenance

by brendangertner

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Roofing maintenance services seem like a no-brainer; however, it takes significant training and some degree of knowledge in engineering to perform proper roofing maintenance with results that last. Installing a roof takes a lot of work and is a risky job. The same is true for taking it apart to install its replacement. Listed below is some information about roof repairs and replacements.

A roof is a complex architectural component made with several protective layers that form an effective barrier against moisture and leaking. It also has steel or wooden rafters reinforced to keep it intact even when massive trauma is applied against the structure. Suppliers of roofing materials should provide a good underlayment, which keeps out water that might seep through or between the shingles. Sealing a leaking underlayment is the easiest way to fix a roof, in this case.

Asphalt shingles are also ideal roof coverings that many roof contractors and homeowners would recommend because these shingles are as tough as they are beautiful. The core of these shingles is made of fiberglass, which is waterproof and durable on its own. This is improved with the asphalt and granule covering on the fiberglass, which also protects the roof from moss, mold, and pests.

Some people might claim that a roof can be left alone even with a few leaks because it is "not broken." On the contrary, significant signs of leaking are clues to severe damage somewhere within the roof's construction, rendering it more vulnerable to further damage. Roofing contractors make it a point to take care of even the smallest defects, to ensure that the roof lasts as long as possible.

However, contractors from a BC roofing company also realize that there comes a time when a roof is ready to be replaced altogether. If there are too many cracked, curled, or missing shingles, or if these shingles have lost their granules, a roof needs to be replaced. This is done to ensure that the roof continues to protect the house from draughts, precipitation, and snow. If ice dams and leaking frequently occurs, then the roof needs to be replaced.

Emergency services normally involve severe storm damage. A Surrey roofing company provides emergency services by giving temporary repairs to keep a roof intact during a storm. When the storm has passed, major repairs or complete roof replacements are undertaken.

Similar services are given to multi-family homes. However, a roofing company in BC would normally give uniform repairs and maintenance for condominiums or apartments. This can apply even to compounds of single-family houses. For more information, see

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