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Lakshadweep the Most Spectacular Islands for Holiday

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Lakshadweep means One hundred thousand Islands and is the tiniest union territory of India consisting of 12 atolls. Three reefs and five immersed banks are also included in the Island territory. The island is closely related to Kerala and shares a common language and many similarities. The development of the Island’s resources has made Lakshadweep stand as an adept player in international and domestic tourism. It is one of the most spectacular islands for holiday spending. The countless aquatic life and beaches are the most impressive among all the wonders in this tropical Island. The precious and cultural heritage that the island possesses is the main reason why tourists throng here in large numbers.


The charming coral reefs present here are the main feature of this group of islands. The lagoons and bluish waters add to the beauty. Water sports are practiced in plenty like snorkeling, pedal boating, windsurfing, kayaking and boating. Adventure sports and leisure tourism are pushing Lakshadweep to a prime tourist spot. The superb isolated islands, fascinating beaches and enchanting coral reefs also add the rating of the island. The beaches are always reflecting the shiny rays of the sun with the help of their white sand particles and it is a pleasure to watch it. The native cooking of Lakshadweep shares similarities with that of Keralites. The traditional life of the natives share a lot in general with the Keralites and the island can be reached from Kochi by flight. The wonderful shows of water will be the first thing to catch your eye when you reach this piece of land.  Narrow channels of lagoons add the interest of kayaking team as they go through rocky stone caves. It is a bit difficult to reach the Island territory and your reach will surely be prized by nature’s talent shown here. If you are that person who wants some adventure stuffed in to your holiday pack, then the waves are ready to take you with it. Surfing is a main tourist activity here at the beaches.


Lakshadweep consists of about 39 islands of which 10 are inhabited while 12 are uninhabited. The main islands in Lakshadweep are Amini, Kavaratti, Minicoy and Agatti. Agatti is the only island with an airport and it also has a direct flight to Kochi. The island in Kavaratti is quite beautiful and an ideal place for adventure sports. The island also has a rich view point in the name of Dolphin view where you can get a clear cut view of the innumerable marine species. One of the renowned diving centers is located in Kadmat. One of the World’s best natural tropical wonders can be experienced here at Lakshadweep. Take your seat and glide through the gorgeous islands of Lakshadweep. We provide economical holiday packages to Lakshadweep that can really help you guide your path. Our packages are tailor made for all pockets as your happiness and satisfaction is of prime importance. We are sure you will contact us again for the service and care we provide you.


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