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Computer Network Support Company

by nitconnect

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Find the Right Computer Network Support Company for Your Business

Reliable computer networking services are imperative for the smooth and efficient operations of a business. As a business owner, you need to ensure that you are receiving the best possible support. Unfortunately, only a few entrepreneurs are aware of the specifics allied to the functioning of a good computer network support provider.

Interviewing a potential computer networking company is an important aspect of choosing the right one for your business. Consider the following things while making a final decision:

1. What geographical area does the company covers?

In case, your own business plan involves you moving organization's premises or expanding into different cities, you have to make sure that your support company can cover different cities.

2. Does the company offer different levels of support?

A number of computer network support service providers offer a wide range of service levels to suit different budgets and needs. These may include:

Managed service support – where your service provider actively manages your computer systems to alleviate the chances of things going wrong. This generally includes signing an annual contract.

Break-fix support – this is charged on hourly basis; either paid in advance or after the completion of work. IT can be offered on a fixed-price contract, same as in case of an insurance policy.

3. Does the service provider have guaranteed response time?

You must expect your computer network support service provider to offer a guaranteed response time in case of a problem with your computer network. This will vary depending on the level of support you are willing to pay for. Be cautious of companies that guarantee to resolve problems within a specific period, as sometimes it can take much longer than anticipated to reach to the root cause of the problem.

4. Will you get a dedicated engineer?

It is certainly unreasonable to expect that you will always need to deal with the same engineer, as most support firms assign work to engineers best suited to each specific job. Nevertheless, it is still a good question to ask – in case; they reply “yes,” consider why this is. Do they just have a limited number of experienced staff?

5. What training policy does the support company have for their engineers?

Technology changes rapidly; therefore, it is essential that your network support company must provide regular training to their engineers in order to keep them abreast with the technological advancements.

6. What precisely do you support in your contract?

A support company, which answers, “we cover it all” is not recommended to be hired. Most companies will cover any incident that related to specified software or hardware and labour charges. Some also include the travel time to and from the premises. However, support for custom software, which was created by another company is unlikely to be included.


These questions will help you find a trustworthycomputer network supportcompany that will ensure smooth functioning of your business. Log on to www.nitconnect.netfor reliable global technological services.


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