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Divorce rates on the rise

by davidjohan

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We are now living in a time
where less couples are getting married, and more couples seem to be divorcing.
In the ‘old’ days people stayed together for whatever reason they could think
of, it was for the children, or because it made financial sense. Nowadays
however the sad fact is that couples in relationships are more independent,
they have their own money, their own careers, and now, shockingly, one in 20
couples also have their own homes, and they commute between their ‘base’ and
their partner’s home. What we are seeing is that the more power and freedom
people have in their own lives, the less likely they are to succumb to whatever
their significant other wants them to do. Men these days have wives that work
that brings in their own wages to pay for their own things. They have wives who
are sexually aware of themselves and what they like, and the men in the
relationships are the same. Affairs are on the rise, because as people see it,
we live in a society where marrying one person, but sleeping with someone else
because you ‘are in love with them’ mean that you can have your cake and eat it
too. If this is a route that you have been thinking of travelling then good for
you, however, might we offer a small suggestion? Instead of embarking on a
torrid affair with your secretary (which, let’s be honest, is predictable and
lazy, it takes no effort at all to woo her) why not have relations with someone
who is impartial to your situation? London escorts are available, discreet and
easily accessed from anywhere in the city, and they won’t ever get too
attached. Perfect!

London escorts have long
been the choice of many clever men who have found that they need to seek
comfort outside of the home. The wives they are married to aren’t unloving or
frigid, they just happen to also have high powered careers and like their
husbands, are exhausted at day’s end and find it hard to do anything other than
hit the pillow and fall fast asleep. They don’t mean to make their men feel
embarrassed to have a libido; however lifestyle sometimes gets in the way of
things. This doesn’t happen when you have London escorts on speed dial. You can
revel in your manhood, you can have someone who thinks you are attractive and
handsome and you don’t have to pressure your wife. This makes for not only a
healthy marriage, but also for a much healthier and happier you. Your wife will
thank you for it and no matter where you live, whether it’s with your partner
or not, you are making the choice to have a happier relationship and one that
might well last the distance.


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