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Top Five Myths About Recycled Paper

by businessplans

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Top Five Myths About Recycled Paper 

Many people tend to underestimate the quality of recycled paper assuming it doesn’t measure up to non-recycled varieties. However, recycled paper has come a long way over the years and performs just as well as paper made from virgin fiber. Below are the top five myths about recycled paper

1. Flimsy 

Often thought to be thin and flimsy, recycled paper is sometimes passed over by businesses and professionals who don’t want important documents on cheap-looking paper. However, recycled paper stock is available in the same weight and thickness as non-recycled paper so it works well for everything from corporate letterhead to resumes. 

2. Poor ink absorption 

Another misconception about recycled paper is that it’s unable to properly absorb ink. This theory is based off the fact that recycled paper requires special washing and processing to remove ink from the reclaimed paper it’s made out of and therefore its fibers are weaker and lack absorbency. While recycled paper does need this special processing, it does not result in poor ink absorption. In fact, recycled paper absorbs ink just as well as virgin paper. 

3. Costly 

Whether it’s because of the additional processing required to make it or its lesser main stream acceptance, recycled paper is widely perceived as being much more expensive than virgin paper. While there is some truth to this, the difference in price between virgin and recycled paper is rather negligible. In the long run, if you feel the environmental benefits outweigh the few extra dollars you may end up spending, recycled paper is likely an ideal choice for you. 

4. Dingy color 

Recycled paper is made out of waste paper scraps from various different sources including discarded office paper, newspaper and magazines. Because the majority of this paper has printing on it, many believe that the resulting recycled paper is stained with this pre-existing ink and isn’t the same bright white as its non-recycled counterpart. However, with so many advancements in recycled paper processing over the years, this variety of paper is virtually identical in appearance to virgin paper. 

5. Performance issues in office equipment 

Many presume recycled paper is flimsy and does not perform well in printers, copiers or fax machines. Fearing paper jams and the like, some tend to steer clear of it. In reality though, as long as you purchase recycled paper in a 20 pound or greater weight stock, it will perform the same as non-recycled paper in all office machines.

All in all, recycled paper is equally comparable to virgin paper. And if a reduced carbon footprint is important to you or your company, consider using recycled paper for your printing and documentation needs.

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