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The difference between men and women

by richards446

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If you look at any women’s magazine at the newsagents there is advice everywhere, from how to snag a hot guy, through to 101 things you can do in the bedroom. How to act hard to get whilst being readily available and who is hot and who is not. There are full pages dedicated to the ‘rules’ of dating, how to get guys to like you and how to make that one guy you have been with for a while marry you. However, if you take a quick glance over at the men’s section you will see none of this advice. All you may see is how to make your abs stand out more, what car you should be driving and the best places to fish this summer. Everyone knows that men and women are completely different creatures, but how do you make that work when you are in the dating arena?


According to a few studies out there, men need women to socialise them. Apparently the male hygiene and dress standards drop when they don’t have a girl to impress. Their houses are untidy and laundry is non-existent. The problem is if you aren’t seeing anyone, these things are low on the priority list, however, what if someone sneaks up on you? What if you meet someone when you least expect it and then they have you deal with you being a sloth and not a great catch at all? The only way around this is to always have someone readily available to date but someone who won’t get attached to you. If this is what you are looking for then look no further than escort services London.

What escort services London can do for you and your dating life is help you become the man that you know you have to be in order to be able to date successful, beautiful women. It’s hard out there in singles land, you have to be at your best at all times, at last count there was at least 3 single women to every single man in London, meaning that you sir, are in demand. However, just because the world is your oyster doesn’t mean that you can settle for anyone. This makes dating harder, you have to try and find the best date out of all the eligible women in town, so there is no need to rush anything.


Women in London are go getters, aggressive in business and in love. Escort services London gives you the opportunity to always be at the top of your game, without pinning you down, you have the option to better yourself, as well as the option to see women whenever you fancy. If you spend your nights dating these girls, you can guarantee that the perfect girl will be right around the corner, ready for a more refined you.



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